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Mon, 26 January, 2015 | Rabi' II 5, 1436 Hijri
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Why men can’t be ‘just friends’ with women

It's official! Men can never be just friends with women as attraction always gets in the way, a new research has found. Researchers said that men's friendship with the opposite sex are driven by sexual attraction, regardless of...

Research says obesity affects sexual health

London (Monitoring Desk): Obesity has negative impacts on sexual health in both men and women, and young obese women are less likely to use contracept >>

Women 'lured into bankruptcy by celebrity lifestyle'

The majority of bankrupts under 24 are now female, concluded that women succumb to the temptation for spending sprees as they assert their independence: Research. >>

Holiday season health and beauty tips

Maintain your health and natural beauty at all times with the help of the following tips as beauty should never be put on hold. >>

Women 'suffer more stress from daily travel'

The daily grind of travelling to and from work has a negative effect on the mental health of women, a study has found. >>

Friendship lessens obesity

Studies of mice showed that living in a dynamic social environment caused them to generate a healthy type of fat that burns up calories. >>

No excuse to run for your life

Whether we’re beginner or experienced runners -or contemplating starting -every now and then we all find a reason not to run. >>

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Asian Mayors & Deputy Mayors Engrave History

British Asians have been playing an important part in all fields. More so, record number of mayors and deputy mayors of Asian origin, have been elected for the first time in UK history.

Britain Becomes First Western Country to Sell Islamic Bonds

Britain became the first Western country to sell an Islamic bond on Wednesday, drawing orders of more than 2 billion pounds - over 10 times the planned issue amount.

Indian Court Issues Arrest Warrant for MS Dhoni

A court in Andhra Pradesh Tuesday issued an arrest warrant against Indian cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Your News

Ghalib Appointed UKIM's Media Adviser

Muhammad Ghalib from Birmingham has been appointed as the media adviser of the UK Islamic Mission.

'Meena Bazar' Inspires Bengali Food Business Launch

Inspired by an annual women empowerment event called ‘Meena Bazar’, a British Bangladeshi woman has launched her own Bengali food business.

Qari Asim Terms Letter To Imams As Largely Positive

Qari Asim, MBE, Imam of Makkah Mosque Leeds, has termed the government letter to the British Imams, as largely positive.

Also in the news

First Muslim Mayor of Redbridge

Cllr Muhammed Javed hails from Jhelum city of Pakistan. His parents came to UK in 60’s. He has the honour of being the first Asian councillor and the leader of council of the Borough.

W.H Shelim - The Pride Of Asian Gourmet

In the vicinity of East London on Mile Road End, known for its delicious culinary and exquisite décor Pride of Asia restaurant has a very significant place.

The Fashion Time Capsule Re-opened

Dark lip colours are back in fashion. The retro style lips are comprised of colours like red, plum and wine red.As the saying goes 'old is gold', the trends too have returned back with a bang.

Kader Khan: I’m NOT dead!

Bollywood actor Kadar Khan is hale and hearty and says his family is really upset with rumours about his death doing the rounds on the social-networking sites. The 77-year-old has urged gossip mongers to stop spreading news.

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