Koroshiya, an evergreen trend

Tuesday, 26 January, 2010 01:32:45 AM

London (By Sadia Zia) While living in caves man learnt how to cover his body. Then gradually he evolved the art of making clothes. Later, he started producing various kinds of cloths from silk to velvet.

And there started trends and fashion. Embroidery, both handmade and mechanical, gave clothing a further unique look. With the passage of time, fashion became an industry and an expression of creativity. Recent technological advancement in means of communications has turned fashion and allied industries into a global phenomenon. People living in the west are getting inspirations from the east and vice versa.

However, Koroshiya, a form of hand made-embroidery, has not lost its charm despite all the mechanization and digitalization of garment design industry. Women use to make beautiful design patterns of ‘Koroshiya’ on their scarves or dopatas or even on their shirts’ corners. It gives a refreshing look to the shirt and scarf. One would have seen some older women of their families or neighbors using Koroshiya needle to make eye-catching designs. Like east, this art is evenly popular in the west.

How the art of Koroshiya came into being is a mystery fashion historians are still groping to resolve. However, the beginning of 1830s describes a bit about this hand made art.  Many stories of that period tell us that Catholic nuns were used to make Koroshiya laces. Many specimen of that period are now part of the museums. Initially, Koroshiya was assumed to be the fashion of elite class, but later on it became popular in all social strata the society.

Koroshiya is now not only a best past time hobby for many but also an art for some to earn livelihood. Its’ designs’ books are also available in markets and on Internet. Every year USA hosts an annual Koroshiya conference where participants are given information about this amazing hand made art.

Some people also make different decoration pieces for charity purpose to help those in need specially in under developed countries. Initially thread has been using to make Koroshiya designs but now wool has given a sophisticated look to it. The art of Koroshiya can not only be used to make patterns on shirts and scarves but Women at home can easily utilize their spare time by making various decoration pieces such as baskets, tissue paper boxes, flower vase and many more.