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Rising Pakistani pop star sings for charity schools

News Desk, London
Friday, 16 March, 2012 09:08:19 PM

Bilal Khan, a rising pop star sung for The Citizens Foundation (TFC) at a fund raising event organised by the Pakistan Society UCL. The sold out event helped raise in excess of £3,600. The amount would be spent on schools for under-privileged children in the urban slums and deprived rural villages of Pakistan.

The Rock Shock event takes place every year at UCL and forms a basis for student bands to gain recognition giving them a chance to perform and demonstrate their talent. This year the Pakistan Society decided to invite Bilal Khan a popular singer who has also performed on Coke Studio.


The Pakistan Society strongly believes that education is one the urgent and prevalent social issues Pakistan faces today. Friends of TCF, the UK chapter of TCF, is an organisation the Pakistan Society at UCL believes helps to promote and spread education within the most deprived socio-economic strata of Pakistani society.

“TCF is one of the most respected, transparent and efficient NGOs in Pakistan that is working towards a better and educated Pakistan. As students lucky enough to be studying in one of the best universities abroad we felt it was our responsibility to contribute to the cause." - UCL PakSoc.

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