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Wed, 23 April, 2014 | Jumada II 22, 1435 Hijri
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Enam Ali introduced Asian food in Olympics 2012

Special Correspondent, London
Saturday, 01 September, 2012 06:25:51 PM

Le Raj Epsom Downs was selected as one of the official food suppliers of the London Olympics 2012. Talking about his experiences he said that it was an exciting experience to serve the senior officials, heads of the governments, ministers, members of the parliament and many dignitaries during the games.

He said that his challenge to bring experimental dishes was successfully accomplished in the partnership with Jewish continental and 3 other individuals. Our food and catering was incredibly applauded by all the people visiting. Answering to his selection in Olympics, he said that he had been given this contract 2 years ago; however his 23 years of quality experience was the major reason behind his selection. He said that the most joyous element was our Asian curry that became the part of Olympics food table along with the worldwide dishes. He told that Fish & Chips were quite popular since it’s Britain’s eye-candy, but his Lamb curry still happened to be the top-rated dish. Talking about his achievements, he said that he will only advice to his community to make right policies instead of shortcuts.

Chris Grayling MP said that serving over 60 thousands athletes and officials was not an easy job, in fact, it was quite a challenge that we had to face, but we were able to aptly surpass because of team work and dedication. On this occasion, he admired the scrumptious Bangla flavor of Enam Ali and acknowledged his charity services.


Celebrity TV Host James Whale said that Le Raj was the ambassador of Bangladesh through which it didn’t only introduce the taste of Bangla to Britain but to the whole world. He accredited Enam Ali for putting in his genuine efforts and art of food. He said that it’s certain to remember his recipes for years.

Director British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce Mr. S.B Farooq said that there’s no doubt about Bangladesh being the main region of curry, but Enam Ali has introduced the cultural flavor of Bangladesh to the globe. He said that Enam Ali’s good-taste representation of Bangladeshi culture and food is commendable.

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s Mayor Councillor Christine Long said that Asian food has become the main course of Britain society and everyone is fond of its unique taste.

Mayor of Mayor of Reigate & Banstead Councillor Roger Newstead said that Enam Ali is the role model for many in the business; everyone would have enjoyed his food and catering. Talking about the employment scenario, the Mayor said that he is constantly striving to cultivate such environment where young people can find good working opportunities or establish their small-sized businesses.

Earlier, Olympics torch was handed over to Enam Ali that would be kept in his restaurant Le Raj for about 2 weeks.

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